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Who We Are


Today, House2spec still operates with service and satisfaction at the heart of everything they do. The company is structured to cover the areas of demand while still providing expert local advice and a personal one-to-one service.

House2spec was formed by individuals who have been to galores of property network meetings, seminars, trainings and mentoring by some of UK top property gurus, consequently raking up serious bills - all in the name of knowledge. Amongst the team, we can boast of a combined experience years of over half a century - but we are still learning new stuff everyday. Our services include land acquisition, residential & commercial investment both in the UK and the rest of the world, property rental & sales management, shortlets (service accommodation) AND sourcing.

we guarantee


Service Guarantee

We provide a fully integrated service and manage the entire process for you. You are free to use any of your own professional advisers such as solicitors, surveyors, accountants etc or we will introduce you to ours. We liaise will all parties throughout the entire search and acquisition process to use your time as efficiently as possible.


Money-back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with the service you receive from House2spec, our contract states that you are free to cancel the agreement at any time if you are not 100% happy. In this situation any retainer will be refunded in full.


Team's Personal Guarantee

Access every agent with just one call and a single point of contact. Successfully acquiring the best property takes time and dedicated resources, it is a full time job.


Free Lifetime After-sale Service

Our commitment to our clients does not stop when you receive the keys at completion; every client of House2spec receives a free after-sales service for life. This is unconditional, even if you sell the property you bought through us, you are still welcome to us as your first point of contact if you have any questions relating to property in any capacity.


Best Advice

We are totally independent and solely owned. The only people we report to are our clients, any decisions we make are for their benefit only. We are also financially secure so we are not under pressure to complete searches just to generate revenue.


Unbaised work ethos

Our unbiased work ethos is at the heart of why we work, what drives us and gives us purpose and meaning in the property field.

Our Staff

  • Aaron Grant

    Aaron is a seriously dedicated all purpose manager, demonstrating proven leadership and people management...

  • Christian Hamilton

    Simply our technical genius...in many ways that one....

  • Yvonne Nader

    Yvonne brings real years of  experience to House2spec. Having run several significant residential...

Why Choose Us

To tap into our pool of possible range of property investments

Access the finest property first. We are regularly given privileged first access to new instructions. In a competitive market even a few hours can make a difference..

As most investors are cash rich but time poor...we save time and money

No calls to estate agents, no calls from estate agents, no wasted viewings, no purchase to later find something is wrong with the property, no lengthy negotiations with no outcome, no need to be involved with the convenveyancing……the list is endless.

To take advantage of access into the UK property craze from anywhere in the world

Overseas property buyers are snapping up London property after the shock decision for the UK to leave the EU. Currently UK have been swamped with calls from Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian and Spanish buyers looking for a bargain after the pound tumbled to more than 30-year lows, making the exchange rate very favourable for foreign buyers.